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Re: own cloud task in tasksel?

Just a quick note (I'm on the go). EC2 images are *not* using the minbase variant since we need networking and all that other nifty stuff for the image to work. The only image that bootstrap-vz builds with minbase is docker.
On lør. 12. mar. 2016 at 15.41, James Bromberger <james@rcpt.to> wrote:
On 12/03/2016 9:19 PM, Charles Plessy wrote:
The Debian images on the Amazon cloud are of the "minbase" variant, and extra
packages are added.  (James, I lost track on where to find this information in
the source code of bootstrap-vz, or on the Debian wiki, can you remind me the
information ?)  For the other cloud images, I am not familiar enough to be sure
if they also use debootstrap's minbase variant or not.  They will also install
extra packages, some platform-specific, and some common with the other images.

Configuration of packages included in images made by bootstrap-vz are in the manifest file (eg manifests/official/ec2/...) for the image being generated. It's a simple YAML file that you add the lines of what additional package(s) you want in their own base image.

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