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Bug#817206: s390-zfcp: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages

Quoting Américo Monteiro (a_monteiro@gmx.com):
> Package: s390-zfcp
> version: 1.0.1
> Tags: l10n, patch
> Severity: wishlist
> Updated Portuguese translation for s390-zfcp's debconf messages.
> Translator: Américo Monteiro <a_monteiro@gmx.com>
> Feel free to use it.
> For translation updates please contact 'Last Translator' or the
> Portuguese Translation Team <traduz at debianpt.org>.

Indeed, s390-zfcp is part of Debian Installer and should be translated
through its l10n system. And, localization was indeed removed in
recent changes, so I'm afraid this makes this translation now

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