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Supporting an user-specified initiatorName for iSCSI in d-i


I've done some work on testing iSCSI recently. One thing that comes up
is that on a secured setup which expects a very specific initiatorName,
one needs to do some back and forth to figure out what open-iscsi has
picked as a random initiatorName, and add that to what's allowed by the
iSCSI targets.

It would be more obvious for administrators to be able to define valid
names on the storage from the start, and entering that value during
install (possibly using their own naming scheme which may be different
from our default).

I've already contacted the iSCSI maintainers to get open-iscsi-udeb to
allow the /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi file to be initialized before
iscsid is started, what this needs now is simply prompting the user for
an initiatorName, and writing that to the file immediately before
starting iscsid.

The work is ready for partman-iscsi here:
It depends on an open-iscsi change, but that has been uploaded earlier
today: https://tracker.debian.org/news/752405


PS. Also, seems like in Ubuntu we're carrying some extra patches for
dealing with preseeding iSCSI and dealing with the case where no disks
are detected by hw-detect at all (in which case we may try to login to
iSCSI if the user enabled it); I will prepare a code branch for
hw-detect that updates the code from cjwatson already in git, if there's
anything that has changed since.

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