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Bug#815786: d-i does not ask for hostname

On 01.03.2016 00:32, Roger Shimizu wrote:
> From implementation side, as you explained before, network-console
> requires network set-up in early stage, so it may be hard to set up
> hostname a second time.

If your ssh connection is bind to the hostname (ssh
user@hostname.domain) the connection will (most probably) hang up if you
change the hostname of your target. However, changing the hostname
should not be ab problem if your ssh connection is bind to the IP adress
(ssh user@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx).

An other possibility would be to change the hostname (e.g within
/etc/hostname and via command hostname) but not changing the hostname
for the network (e.g. do not change /etc/hosts/ ...)
In this case the ssh connection should not hang up but the new RAID
device would get the name from the new hostname.
This is, what I also tried to descriped in my bug report (see quick fix).


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