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[RFC] screen/tmux support for network-console

Dear Martin and D-I Maintainer,

I have a new idea on d-i/network-console: multi-console support (screen/tmux).

For d-i on normal PC, we can simply press alt-F2 to get a console
almost anytime during install, but it's not easy for current
network-console if there's no serial console.
So I'm wondering whether it's possible to add screen/tmux support.

But I have a few questions listed below:
- do I need to patch screen/tmux first to support udeb, and wait for
the udeb to hid unstable?
- is screen/tmux's deb is okay for local build of debian-installer image?
- I want to keep "network-console" and add a new type such as
"network-multiconsole", since there's already size issue on orion5x
qnap devices. But how do it? Do I need to fork network-console.git

May it's a silly idea. So here's the RFC to hear other voice.
Thank you!

Roger Shimizu, GMT +9 Tokyo

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