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Re: More of cdebconf and GTK+3

Hi again !

On 22/01/16 19:04, Regis Boudin wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I just realised something this afternoon about cdebconf and GTK+, which
> is the plugins. Obviously they'd have to be recompiled for GTK+3 as
> well, so I tried to do that.
> The build failed with the use of old stuff from GTK+2, which I replaced
> as they were trivial.
> While there, I also tweaked the Makefile.in to actually apply CPPFLAGS
> when compiling.

After that I obviously realised that cdebconf-terminal would need an
update to use a more recent version of libvte with GTK+3. That's now
done, and while I was at it, I've further refreshed cdebconf-terminal
and cdebconf-entropy. They now both use pkg-config to check the presence
of libnewt before trying to compile for it, and use the related CFLAGS
and LIBS variables instead of hard coding -lvte.

I've also added to both configure scripts a --with-gtk-version
parameter, and commented lines to their Build-Depends.
So compiling them for GTK+3 require the following changes :
 * Replace --with-gtk-version=2 by --with-gtk-version=3 in debian/rules.
 * Uncomment the libgtk-3-dev and comment the libgtk2.0-dev
Build-Depends lines in debian/control if you want to build in a clean

With these changes, it should be possible to build d-i with no GTK+2


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