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Bug#767682: D-I: installer hangs on re-formatting ext4 partition (having grub in the partition boot record).


> Following is a workaround for this problem in preseed environment that
> worked for me:
> d-i partman/early_command string sed -r -e '/^[[:space:]]*mkfs\.
> /s/^([[:space:]]*)(mkfs\.[^[:space:]]+)/\1\2 -F/g' -i /lib/partman
> /commit.d/50format_ext3

Which basically adds the force flag to mkfs.ext3 so it will try to
create the filesystem " even if the specified device is not a partition
on a block special device, or if other parameters do not make sense."
(manpage mkfs.ext3).

Is there a particular reason why we use "-f" in partman-btrfs [1] for
mkfs but not in partman-ext3 for mkfs? It seems that running mkfs.ext3
with -F would make the formatting process more robust for most people
when reading through this bug report. We're also seeing this issue on
sparc64 where mkfs.ext3 is probably choking on the Sun disklabels.

I'd therefore suggest to add -F to mkfs.ext3 in partman-ext3.


> [1]

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