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Bug#770032: installer: Guided Partitioning Provides Insufficient Space

* Scot S <isitascam@gmail.com> [2014-11-18 08:40]:
> Installation of a new system on an 8.6GB virtual harddrive using either of the listed NETINST cds

>  Select any install method and then use Guided Partitioning with separate /home
>  (with or without encryption).
> Default setting is ~2gb / and remainder for /home.

> This is insufficient space for install with any of the graphical environments

I'm not sure if a separate /home makes sense in 8 GB if you also want
a graphical environment, but apart from that I agree that root should
be larger.

Given a 8.6 GB disk, how much would you have expected to see for root?

Martin Michlmayr

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