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d-i.debian.org now available through https!


DSA just did whatever was needed so that d-i.debian.org is available
over https as well as over http (with a redirection from the latter to
the former).

I've already patched:
 - debian-installer (there's still a hit when grepping there but I'm not
   too happy with touching the contents of an old talk);
 - netboot-assistant;
 - win32-loader.

Remaining hits (according to codesearch):
 - debian-cd;
 - live-build;
 - virt-manager.

I'll file bug reports shortly for those.

I expect a few hiccups with scripts running on dillon (given the https
dance we have to do when running on debian.org machines), which I'll try
to notice/fix as they happen, over the upcoming hours/days.


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