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Bug#800639: os-prober: corrupts windows 7 loader/header

in-line :-

On 22/10/2015, Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> wrote:
> Hi Shirish,

Hi Steve,

> Apologies for the delayed follow-up, things have been hectic
> here... :-/

Same here, hence apologies from my end too :)

> OK, that's useful information. I've got a sneaky suspicion on that
> T440 machine that it may be expecting to boot via UEFI, and you've now
> installed a Debian system that's booting in BIOS mode. If the system's
> firmware (aka BIOS) is configured to look for BIOS boot first, that
> would explain why it's no longer seeing the Windows install. What
> happens if you go into the firmware setup? Can you change the boot
> options to try UEFI first, or UEFI only?

Did that and now both boot, was kinda afraid as debian-uefi boot is
supposed to be somewhat icky. Anyways, the bug is now resolved, thank

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