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Re: Debian on Qnap TS-109 P II: installation fails

Hi Philipp,

> I am trying to install Debian Squeeze on my old Qnap TS-109 P II. But it
> does not work any more. 
> [...]
> Martin Mchlmayr told me some other people reported the same issue and to
> report it to this e-mial list.

The repository for squeeze moved to archive.debian.org, so you will need to
change /etc/apt/sources.list accordingly, replacing ftp.nl.debian.org with 
archive.debian.org. I have been bitten by this move too, but after the
change my PogoPlug (armel too) can install packages again. Most
interestingly, squeeze-updates and squeeze-backports are still found on
ftp.de.debain.org, and security.debian.org still works too. 


Herbert Kaminski   D-26122 Oldenburg

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