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Re: Bug#802790: installation-guide-amd64: text installer has bug

On Fri, 23 Oct 2015 18:15:05 +0200, pwoloszyn <woloszynp.wp@gmail.com> wrote:

> Package: installation-guide-amd64
> Version: text installer has bug
> Severity: normal

So this bug is ostensibly to with the text mode debian-installer. But you
reported this bug as having something to do with installation-guide. Which is
it? The installer or the guide? I believe Package: should read

> I do not konw how I should name this problem.

We've established that.

> I mean install proces eg. from pendrive nwith debian 8 mate live

So are you referring to-
	a) some cryptic problem with the installer *documentation*
	b) a problem with a text-mode install from a Debian 8 MATE live CD
	c) a problem with an install from within MATE on the aforementioned
	d) a problem with the text-mode installer in general
So far it isn't very clear.

> When text mode of installer is selected and we have to connect to the network
> via wifi there is problem with connection. I have checked the issue several
> times and every time on different PCs there is the same problem - in text
> installer mode is not possible to connect do router via wifi

More information is required. Could you please provide the details of what
image you are using, exactly, what media you are booting it from, what wifi
cards all the machines use, and the computer models, as well as additional boot
information such as whether you are using UEFI, etc.

Tell us about your router as well- it could be (but probably isn't) a problem

Text-mode netinstalls over wifi work fine for me, on a variety of machines. It
thus cannot be a problem with the text installer in general, so saying that
'in text installer mode is not possible to connect do router via wifi' is
something of an overstatement. At most, I expect this to be a problem with
hardware support.

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