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Bug#802591: Please provide libssl udeb as well as the libcrypto udeb

Package: openssl
Severity: normal
Version: 1.0.2d-1
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-boot@lists.debian.org


openssl is currently building an udeb for libcrypto but not for libssl. This bug report is to add the corresponding libssl udeb to allow for ssl support.

As I've discussed with Cyril during DebConf15, I'm interested in seeing https support in the Debian's debian-installer (it's already available in Ubuntu's).

In order to make this possible, we need as ssl library in the installer. wget in Debian links against gnutls, while it links against openssl in Ubuntu. I did the work to get a udeb out of gnutls, but the result is a) much larger than the equivalent from openssl b) linked against stuff that also has no udeb packages, which means both more work and even larger size.

So, my current strategy is to build the wget-udeb against openssl. I've checked for license issues regarding openssl incompatibility with the GPL and I believe that there are no issues.

The work for getting this support in Ubuntu was done a few years ago and Ubuntu has been carrying the diff since then. I've created a patch based on that work, I'll attach it after I get a bug number here.

I've noticed that experimental has a soversion bump for openssl, so I created this patch against the version in unstable. If you want me to create the patch against the version in experimental, please let me know.


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