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Bug#801832: Additional info


Dixit Gersho de Lock, le 15/10/2015 :

>>What is 'LiLiUSB Creator'?
>it's a tool to put live and/or installation iso onto an usb stick
>it asks for ISO or CD or it can download for you (i've only ever tried
>the ISO method)
>all i can really tell is that i've used it a few times with other OS
>without issues (such as the Mint i used to do the lspci -knn)

Debian images are isohybrid. Live images too. So please try creating the
USB stick with win32diskimager
(http://sf.net/projects/win32diskimager/) as explain in the
installation manual

You can also ask for help in french in the mailing list for french users

Good luck.


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