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Bug#801631: Os-prober identifies a Devuan installation as 'unknown Linux distribution'


David Hare <davidahare@gmail.com> (2015-10-12):
> Package: os-prober
> Version: 1.65
> Severity: normal
> Tags: patch
> When invoking 'update-grub' an installation of Devuan on another partition
> is identified by os-prober as 'unknown Linux distribution'. It does have an
> /etc/devuan_version file. By contrast, os-prober supports detection of other
> OS's (including some Debian derivatives).
> Please resolve this for future versions. A simple 3-line patch to
> /usr/lib/os-probes/mounted/90linux-distro (enclosed) has been observed to
> work (by myself only so far).
> David Hare

> 127a128,130
> > 	elif [ -e "$dir/etc/devuan_version" ]; then
> > 		short="Devuan"
> > 		long="$(printf "Devuan GNU/Linux (%s)\n" "$(cat "$dir/etc/devuan_version")")"

Thanks, but please use diff -u or git format-patch. Having the context
around is always a good idea; having a patch ready to apply even more so.


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