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Re: Bug#740998 closed by Michael Gilbert <mgilbert@debian.org> (Bug#740998: fixed in ndisc6 1.0.1-2)

On Sun, 2015-10-11 at 16:50 +0100, Dominic Hargreaves wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 14, 2015 at 01:36:05AM +0000, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> >  ndisc6 (1.0.1-2) unstable; urgency=medium
> >  .
> >    * QA upload.
> >    * Set maintainer to the Debian QA Group (see #713004).
> >    * Add conflicts between rdnssd and network-manager (closes: #740998).
> This bug just hit me in Debian stable (as it happens, it appeared to
> be a particularly severe form where /etc/resolv.conf was wiped out
> altogether; perhaps some sort of race condition?)
> I'm not sure why rdnssd was installed at all. I can't see any mention
> of it in debian-installer, and not a single package Depends or Recommends
> it. Morever it was installed without resolvconf (which I suspect would
> have mitigated this issue), despite it recommending resolvconf, and no
> change to the default of installing recommends having taken place.
> Release team; would you consider a QA upload of this package targetted
> at stable, fixing this bug in the same way that Michael fixed it in
> unstable - this will hopefully stop others having the experience of
> having networking break on a freshly installed Debian system every 20
> minutes or so.

This was previously discussed in #778492, where there was some concern
from the installer side as to possible side effects of the change. CCing
-boot to see what current thoughts are.



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