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Re: Towards D-I Stretch Alpha 4

On Thu, Oct 08, 2015 at 05:14:17AM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
>I've just pushed a patch in D-I bumping the linux kernel ABI for the
>latest linux migration to testing, and therefore pondering when to
>schedule a release. I'm thinking somewhen before the end of October
>would be nice, if feasible on the debian-cd side.

Works for me...

>I don't think I've seen many changes lately, except for those planned
>on the CD side (thanks for the detailed announce!), so I'm currently
>not anticipating bad surprises (but I'm probably lacking imagination
>or wisdom).

OK. I would like to disable the CD set builds properly again - I'm
just about to commit that change again now. OK? After the DC15
discussion and follow-up on the list I think I'll leave *one* CD1
option around, XFCE.

How does that sound?

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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 whether they're being malicious or incompetent. Capital letters are forecast."
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