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Bug#801161: anna: handle multiple udeb versions in Packages file


Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> TBH, I'm not sure whether this should be dealt with in anna or in
> net-retriever. [...]
> ISTR some shell dance in net-retriever from my old patchset; having some
> C code in anna instead doesn't seem crazier.

Managing groups of RFC822 fields in shell sounded a bit of a nightmare.
We have the C functions in libdebian-installer (some used by anna) to be
able to do this properly, and even the proper version compare algorithm.
(Though I'd still say, it's odd d-i is not built from higher-level OO
scripting languages yet).

This might be better handled by libdebian-installer when parsing the
Packages file - it already uses hash tables internally - so was
surprised that it didn't already return just one record per unique
package name.  As I mentioned that's slightly buggy and maybe ought
to be fixed anyway.

Although if anna has this, handling multiple versions of udebs in
Packages could be seen as a feature.  Some other tool could run after
net-retriever to append extra things to it.  I think it's closer to
how APT works.  And it feels like the exact logic of choosing which
version to install, belongs in anna anyway, and you'd need to know all
the available udeb versions at that point.  It can also be verbose
about how it makes the choice.

Steven Chamberlain

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