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Bug#782287: hw-detect: install open-vm-tools in d-i

Control: retitle 782287 hw-detect: install open-vm-tools in d-i


with my open-vm-tools maintainer head on, I can NOT recommend to add a
hard dependency on the open-vm-tools package to the installer - although
I'd be very happy to have this functionality in d-i as having a running
vmtoolsd is important for installations within a vmware environment.

Unfortunately the upstream development of open-vm-tools is hidden,
patches are floating around on github to make it work with recent
kernels at all and debugging issues for me is hard to impossible without
having proper ways to debug things within ESX.

The only thing I can suggest is to check in d-i if the package is
available and if so, install it. I would hate to loose the ability to
get open-vm-tools removed from the distribution in case there is some
major problem arising or it is just not in a releasable state.



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