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Bug#788221: flash-kernel: Cubietruck failed to boot with flash-kernel 3.41

On Wed, 2015-06-10 at 08:41 +0100, Ian Campbell wrote:
> I tried the obvious change though and it doesn't seem to have helped :-(

It looks like the && || construct from #78307 used to handle fallback
for the DTB on platforms without ${fdtfile} doesn't work as expected.
The chain stops after loading the first dtb, I think because || turns
out to be higher precedence that &&. i.e. it is
   ( load kernel && load fdtfile ) || (load dtb && load ramdisk && boot )
and not
   load kernel && ( load fdtfile || load dtb ) && load ramdisk && boot
as required.

My Jetson (my other test system) doesn't set ${fdtfile}, so it falls
back ok to loading the second one and then continues.

_But_ if I set fdtfile on Jetson then it works, but I think it is
falling back to the non-versioned case which the generic version tries
if the versioned one fails.

u-boot's scripting language doesn't seem to understand () nor {}. I
think something using test to see if fdtfile is set might be required

I'll cook something up.


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