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Bug#782574: installation-reports: d-i does not boot on beaglebone black

Hi folks,

Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant@debian.org> (2015-05-27):
> Seems like we've missed the chance to resolve this for Jessie's first
> point release, but perhaps we can make it for the second point release?

Sorry for not having been able to keep a close eye on this… Let's try
and make that into 8.2 indeed. You can start filing p-u bug reports
already, x-d-cc'ing debian-boot@ and possibly me as well, just to make

> I don't see anything mentioned in the errata yet:
>   https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/debian-installer/#errata
> Not sure what the process is to update that, but I'd be happy to work on
> some text for it.

If nobody picks the “update the docs” ball, I'll try and get that part

> Flash-kernel in unstable has the needed changes and u-boot in unstable
> has the needed changes, although I think it would be better to go with
> the smaller patch I had proposed earlier rather than backporting the
> entire distro_bootcmd stack...

ACK, small is good (when feasible).

> Now that USB support is working on the BBB with the kernel in
> jessie-proposed-updates(Yay!), BeagleBone Black is a more attractive
> platform for running Debian on, so it would be nice to get d-i support
> working out of the box...

Indeed, sorry again.


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