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Bug#787528: Some sources are not included in your package

Quoting bastien ROUCARIÈS (roucaries.bastien+debian@gmail.com):
> Package: src:console-setup 
> version; 1.128
> user: lintian-maint@debian.org
> usertags: source-is-missing
> severity: serious
> X-Debbugs-CC: ftpmaster@debian.org
> Hi,
> Your package seems to include some files that lack sources
> in prefered forms of modification:
>     Keyboard/locale/lib/common/xomGeneric.so.2
>     Keyboard/locale/lib/common/xlocale.so.2
>     Keyboard/locale/lib/common/xlibi18n.so.2
>     Keyboard/locale/lib/common/xlcUTF8Load.so.2
>     Keyboard/locale/lib/common/xlcDef.so.2
>     Keyboard/locale/lib/common/ximcp.so.2

Indeed, the package appears to build fine just *without*

I therefore suspect these files to be cruft left from unclean builds
and sadly imported into git

Anyone objecting to a simple drop of the said files and voilà?

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