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Re: Patch review (was: Providing (armhf) u-boot images together with d-i images?)


(re-looping debian-boot@.)

Karsten Merker <merker@debian.org> (2014-12-30):
> KiBi is planning to release d-i beta 3 soon
> and I would really like to see the patches included there as they
> make running d-i on armhf systems a lot easier for end users and
> thereby hopefully will enable more installation-reports and
> real-world testing.  The images they build are not perfect on all
> platforms (the generic bootscript they use still needs some
> special-casing for some i.MX6 platforms and there are issues with
> the incompatible default u-boot environment on the
> BeagleBoneBlack), but they are in my eyes a step forward compared
> to the current situation.

(I didn't forget about this patch series BTW, it's still flagged in my

I'm overall happy to merge these patches to get some more testing before
we move further towards the jessie release, so having them now looks
good to me. Some minor nits (since I know close to nothing as far as
arch-specific stuff goes):
 - Can we please have some debian/changelog entries along with each
 - Using gzip's -n flag to try and limit entropy would be nice. (See
   the reproducible build effort.)
 - Shouldn't "concatenateable" be "concatenable" instead?
 - "supperfloppy" → "superfloppy"? (3/6)
 - copyright information in 3/6 should be reflected in debian/copyright.
 - "priviledges" → "privileges" (3/6)
 - "device-indepent" → "device-independent"? (4/6)

(I'm leaving the rest aside as it's mostly debian-cd specific.)


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