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Re: Bug#772953: Enable several Kconfigs to support OMAP5432 uEVM devboard

> On Dec 28, 2014, at 17:08, Ian Campbell <ijc@debian.org> wrote:
> On Fri, 2014-12-26 at 18:43 +0800, Chen Baozi wrote:
>> With the attached patch applied, debian installer (tested with network-console)
>> can support OMAP5's ethernet driver and external MicroSD card.
>> Note that I added related regulator & phy entries to files that mainly writes
>> the modules which use them, since there is no file dedicated to those
>> modules.
> Do you know if phy-ti-pipe3 is used exclusively by USB or just only
> within the set of things used in the d-i context? Likewise the two
> regulators added to mmc?

So far as I can tell from DTS, there are two types of modules use
phy-ti-pipe3, which are ‘usb3’ and ‘sata’. But I am not quite sure
how the hardware modules are connected.

And pbias seems be only meaningful to mmc, and palmas relates to many
other devices of the board.


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