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Bug#762399: console-setup: WARNING: Unknown X keysym "permille"

> > If you're going to throw excuses at my face, you may want to have the
> > decency of trying to articulate some sentence along with it. If you
> > can't be bothered to do so, feel free to avoid adding noise.
> That's a rather pathetic statement, coming from someone who cannot be
> bothered with articulating any meaningful message beyond a link to a
> changelog news.

Wearing my translator's hat:

Monsieur Racine: any news?
Kibi: yes, a package cleaned from the mess generated by my
      comaintainers is waiting in unstable
M. Racine: so it needs an unblock
Kibi: yes, which is part of my duties as D-I release management tasks,
      which I'll do as I'm always doing when D-I is released. Please
      let me do my job.
(hopefully) M. Racine: OK, then, I'll nag other
                       maintainers until they're also too
                       annoyed by me

(dropping out people explicitly CC'ed as all really concerned people
are already susbcribed to -boot, being maintainers of console-setup)

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