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Bug#773274: more d-i encryption testing

I had some time to try a couple more tests for #773274 and observed a few 
more things.

* In my set of steps to repeat the bug I said to setup two partitions for 
encryption. I just tested and it doesn't seem to matter if one of them is 
going to be for swap (which d-i defaults to if you choose random 
passphrase). I'm not sure if that's relevant but I thought it was worth 

* If I only initially create one encrypted partition, set it up and mark it 
for LVM, then set LVM up, there is no segfault upon returning from LVM. 
Then I can proceed to setup additional encrypted volumes and it appears to 
work until I finish partitioning and then I get the segfault. So I think 
this means it has something to do with whatever parted_server is doing when 
it reinitializes while more than one encrypted partition is present.

Matt Taggart

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