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Bug#734756: installation-reports: Hang during "Select and Install Software"


I just reproduced this bug in a netinstall of Jessie Beta 2, possibly
Beta 1 (I should tidy them up really). The installation hangs because:

main-menu[382]: INFO: Menu item 'pkgsel' selected
pkgsel: checking for (security) updates to the base system
in-target: Can't exec "aptitude": No such file or directory at
/usr/bin/debconf-apt-progress line 130, <STDIN> line 2
in-target: use of uninitialized value in vec at
/usr/bin/debconf-apt-progress line 74, <STDIN> line 2.
in-target: use of uninitialized value in vec at
/usr/bin/debconf-apt-progress line 75, <STDIN> line 2.

I updated my installer image to last night's daily and this resolved the
problem, so assuming this is the same bug as the reporter encountered,
it should be closable.

(Control: tag -1 confirmed unreproducible? :)

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