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Re: win32-loader icon update?

Le mercredi, 10 décembre 2014, 05.56:22 jnqnfe a écrit :
> In relation to bug #772691 (autorun.inf not displaying a custom Debian
> icon from setup.exe aka win32-loader.exe when a Debian install
> disc/iso is loaded in a Windows environment, unlike Ubuntu) which I
> just reported, I created a small collection of possible replacement
> icons for win32-loader.exe (simple, clean, smart and in a range of
> colours!). I thought I would offer them up here in case you're
> interested.

Thanks for these, and the quite large choice palette. I'm not a great 
fan of the "rounded" alternatives though; icons are usually square and 
what we want to be seen is the Debian swirl, not a circle, IMHO.

Iff we change the win32-loader .ico icon (that might then also be 
displayed as a CD icon on Windows hosts), we should aim at using the 
picked "Lines" desktop theme:


The current icon has 5 embedded icon sizes (16,24,32,48,256), but is not 
generated at build-time; ideally, we'd have a 512 pixels-sized svg, 
generate the correctly-sized png's using rsvg-convert and create the 
final swirl.ico (name can be changed of course) out of these.

Are you interested in creating a Lines-themed square svg ? I could 
manage the build-time creation.


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