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Bug#773127: installation-reports: mostly Successful: Wandboard Quad [armhf]

On 2014-12-14, Karsten Merker wrote:
> based on your installation report, I have just added the
> Wandboard Quad to the list of supported systems in the
> installation guide.


> Could you perhaps give a short list of which hardware components
> are working with Debian's kernel, so that I can add that to the
> installation guide as well?  I understand from your installation
> report that MMC, LAN, USB and HDMI video work.

Yes, those all work.

> The module list
> shows modules loaded for SATA and WLAN, but I cannot assess from
> the module list whether these actually work correctly (on some
> systems there can be be issues with GPIO-controlled regulators
> for the SATA power or a requirement for OOB communication to the
> SDIO WLAN module), so I would appreciate an explicit
> confirmation.

I haven't succesfully tested WLAN. It requires firmware as well as an
additional configuration file alongside the firmware. I've tried using
the files from https://github.com/xypron/wandboard-bcm4329

SATA is working for me running the 3.16 kernel from jessie on a wheezy
system, so I *suspect* it will work fine on a purely jessie system, but
haven't actually tested it.

> Besides these, do the following components work?

> - Serial Console

Works. console=ttymxc0,115200

> - Audio (HDMI, analog, S/PDIF)

I don't believe HDMI audio has kernel support yet. Analog may require
firmware not present in Debian; I have yet to get it to work. S/PDIF
also may require additional firmware; I don't have S/PDIF hardware to


Unconfirmed. Haven't tried much.

> - Bluetooth

Haven't gotten it to work. I believe it requires the same firmware as
WLAN, and possibly additional configuration.

live well,

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