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Bug#773017: installation-report: root user creation

On Sat, Dec 13, 2014 at 09:58:05AM +0100, Zephura wrote:
> 1/ It could be interresting (at least) to ask if root "admin/user" should be activated.
> If yes, ask the root password.

I think that is an option in expert mode, although not sure as it is
not an option I would ever want to use.  It always just asks what to set
the root password to for normal installs which I think is a great default.

> 2.a/ The ssh installation is a great idea, however (maybe it comes from putty config) locales doesn't behave the same in console or thourgh ssh
> 2.b/ Actually, in console mode I use UTF locales and thourgh ssh I need to use iso8859 locales

Putty can be configured for UTF8, and I always do.  It just makes
everything work much better.  It is not the default setting though as
far as I recall.

Len Sorensen

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