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unable to finish debian-installer

Dear list,

I'm trying to install debian on an old laptop (compaq armada 1750). It was running Windows 2000. I have no option of booting from an other media except the harddrive.
So i used the win32-loader.exe to start the install.

The install process went fine up to installing extra software. When installing extra software the progress bar remained at 1%. The log showed an error regarding no aptitude found. Probably the installer went wrong earlier. I saw several entries of 'apt-install or in-install' already running.

I re-downloaded the installer-components, detect network again, did partition again but no luck. I went into chroot /target and installed aptitude, the kernel and grup-pc, but grub-install failed, because of no devices present. After that i did a lot more, basically just screwing the installer up i think.


Can't finish the installer with a working minimal environment (kernel and grub installed). And i have no way of booting another media, because windows has been erased.
But i'm still in the debian-installer (text) environment.
Are there any options, to get to a minimal install? I think it should be possible, but how...

Hopefully i can provide additional extra info if needed.

With kind regards,


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