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Re: Providing (armhf) u-boot images together with d-i images?

On Sat, Dec 06, 2014 at 08:17:15PM -0800, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> On 2014-12-06, Karsten Merker wrote:

> >> For images such as hd-media, we'd ideally want to provide complete
> >> u-boot + kernel + initrd ( + gtk initrd) images, which would grow each
> >> image considerably.
> >
> > I know of no armhf system that can load its u-boot from a USB mass
> > storage device, so AFAICS such a full image could only be written to
> > an SD card.  This setup would therefore only be useful if the intended
> > installation target is something else than the SD card, because
> > otherwise one would have to install to the medium containing the
> > installer and would therefore not be able to use the space used by the
> > installer and the CD/DVD ISO image for the installed system.  I think
> > that for most systems the primary installation target is the SD card,
> > so I think that we should use the "tiny SD card image with only u-boot
> > on it" + "USB stick with hd-media tarball and CD/DVD ISO" model
> > instead of building "full" hd-media images.
> I'm not sure I agree here, if the goal is ease-of-use for installing on
> these platforms. You still need to load the kernel, initrd and fdt once
> u-boot is loaded, and having kernel, initrd and fdt on the SD image
> means you'll be able to boot the installer regardless of weather u-boot
> supports the media you have the ISO images on.
> Not all u-boot variants support loading the kernel, initrd and fdt off
> of USB, and even if they do, may not support it in the default boot
> options...

Ok, that would indeed be a problem for the "only u-boot on SD card"
> You can easily install to the media you booted from, once the kernel,
> initrd and fdt file are loaded off the boot media, you don't need the SD
> media to be present... even if it wipes out the files used to boot
> debian-installer ... so I don't quite see the problem in that.

Sorry, I had misunderstood you in this case. I had thought you
ment that the "hd-media" SD card should be the only installation
source, which would have meant that the ISO image would have been
on it and in that case removing or overwriting the medium would
not have been possible.

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