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Bug#730441: release-notes: Debian requires an i586 since at least squeeze

Hi all, 

Dixit Samuel Bronson, le 24/11/2013 :
>This would seem to indicate that you now need at least a 586 to run

Similar words were added to the installation-guide by Ben in
commits r69410-69412, so I think we can close this bug now.

Dixit Cyril Brulebois, le 11/03/2014 :
>We could probably update the squeeze section, but it might make sense
>to keep that open until jessie's fate is decided; tagging moreinfo
>(If someone wants to commit and close this bug report, please clone it
>first to keep track of jessie's future.)

I don't understand the need to clone it now, so I can close this
bug in few days, unless someone do it before or tell me to not do it.


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