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Bug#770666: partman-base: partman overwrites parts of u-boot (imx6/am335x)

Package: partman-base
Version: 179
Severity: important
Tags: patch

Several armhf platforms have u-boot installed directly to the device
in an area which gets wiped out by partman. This results in
debian-installer producing a "successful" install, but zeros out the
location of the bootloader in the process... so fails to boot.

This was fixed for sunxi/allwinner platforms (see:
https://bugs.debian.org/751704), but other platforms such as imx6
(Wandboard, CuBox-i) and am335x (BeagleBone Black) are still affected
by the issue.

The following proof-of-concept patch may be a little too broad,
affecting all Freescale or AM33XX systems, although it is limited to
installs to /dev/mmcblk0. BeagleBone Black may also need this code
when installing to /dev/mmcblk1...

Essentially it renames the is_sunxi_system to
is_system_with_firmware_on_disk, and adds cases for the additional

diff --git a/parted_server.c b/parted_server.c
index 808a85f..e9e72a0 100644
--- a/parted_server.c
+++ b/parted_server.c
@@ -1330,9 +1330,10 @@ command_dump()
-/* Check whether we are running on a sunxi-based system. */
+/* Check whether we are running on a sunxi-based, freescale-based, or
+   AM33XX (beaglebone black) system. */
         int cpuinfo_handle;
         int result = 0;
@@ -1345,6 +1346,10 @@ is_sunxi_system()
                         if (strstr(buf, "Allwinner") != NULL)
                                 result = 1;
+                        else if (strstr(buf, "Freescale") != NULL)
+                                result = 1;
+                        else if (strstr(buf, "AM33XX") != NULL)
+                                result = 1;
@@ -1365,9 +1370,9 @@ command_commit()
          * the firmware area, resulting in an unbootable system (see
          * bug #751704).
-        if (is_sunxi_system() && !strcmp(disk->dev->path, "/dev/mmcblk0")) {
+        if (is_system_with_firmware_on_disk() && !strcmp(disk->dev->path, "/dev/mmcblk0")) {
                 disk->needs_clobber = 0;
-                log("Sunxi platform detected. Disabling ped_disk_clobber " \
+                log("Sunxi/Freescale/AM33XX detected. Disabling ped_disk_clobber" \
                     "for the boot device %s to protect the firmware " \
                     "area.", disk->dev->path);

Thanks for considering!

live well,

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