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Re: installation-guide in svn: docbook/XML errors

Hi Karsten,

Karsten Merker <merker@debian.org> (2014-11-19):
> Hello,
> I just wanted to do some work on the installation guide and did a
> local html build from a fresh svn checkout on a current unstable
> system.  Running "sh buildone.sh armhf en html" results in a
> large number of docbook/XML errors (log appended below).  The
> build finishes nonetheless and creates a complete manual (at
> least as far as I can see), but something is obviously not as it
> should be.
> Unfortunately I do not know enough about the XSL stuff done by
> the build system to diagnose the source of the problem.  Is
> anybody around who is more familiar with this topic and could
> take a look?

I've been receiving notification of failures to build the manual for a
while but never managed to allocate enough time to figure out where
that's coming from. I've tried going back in time by a few thousands
revisions, both in wheezy and sid chroots, with no luck. I really need
to sit down and come up with some thorough testing. Maybe over the
week end.

In any cases, that's on my short term to do list.


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