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Bug#770217: cannot be run from source on !debian

Package: debootstrap
Version: 1.0.64
Severity: normal

make devices.tar.gz runs MAKEDEV, so the instructions to run debootstrap
from source don't work on !debian.

setup_devices contains old code to bind mount /dev when it's managed by
devfs. Updating that code to check for /dev managed by udev and
bind mounting then might be one approach to improve this. The resulting
chroot would need to have /dev/ bind mounted into it in order to be
used, which seems reasonable.

Alternatively, a debootstrap tarball could be provided targeting this
use case, including a prebuilt devices.tar.gz.

Alternatively, the devices.tar.gz Makefile target could, if MAKEDEV is
not in path, just tar up the system's /dev to make it.

I suspect that some people in this situation download the .deb from
debian and manually unpack it to get a prebuilt devices.tar.gz. Although
this requires both ar and (for no good reason) xz, which are not
universally available outside debian systems.

see shy jo

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