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Bug#759737: debian-installer: Need preseed entry to select default grub device

Chris Kuehl <ckuehl@ocf.berkeley.edu> (2014-11-17):
> Andrew's patch looks very reasonable to me, as it would allow sysadmins
> to fully automate installs without further complicating the issues
> raised in #712907 (which mostly affect interactive installs).
> I've spent a few hours attempting to test the patch, but can't seem to
> properly integrate my locally-built grub-installer udeb into a netboot
> build (either via localudebs or by downloading and unpacking the udeb
> manually from the installer shell). I strongly suspect my own
> incompetence is to blame, though, and not the patch.
> I might be missing something, but we can't seem to find any other way to
> fully automate jessie installs via preseeding, like we could with
> wheezy. (For context, our physical machines are split between using
> /dev/sda and /dev/sde for the first hard drive, while VirtualBox uses
> /dev/sda and KVM /dev/vda.)

grub-installer is fetched from the network in most cases, so it's a bit
hard to use a custom one. I tend to build a netinst CD with easy-build.sh
(from debian-cd.git), which works fine… once you've got a debian-cd thing

> I wonder whether the severity of this bug should be raised to important?
> I suspect that automating installs is an important feature for many
> other d-i users, so I'm not sure wishlist is appropriate for this bug.
> I'm going to continue attempting to test the patch, and report back if I
> have any luck.

The severity isn't really important; the fact I've added it to my list
of things to keep an eye on, is. Thanks for the poke.


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