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Bug#769931: Debian Installer hd-media is not looking for multi-boot ISO to CD/DVD

Package: debian-installer
Severity: important

Trying to make multiboot DVD with way Debian.iso (Netinst) using Grub4Dos. At first I replace the image of the relevant files to files hd-media. After that fails to boot from the disc, the screen select how to download, then choose the language, and so on. D., But when it comes to the screen "Scan hard drives for an installer ISO image", the installer can not find the image iso, apparently he did not trying to look on CD and DVD in the drive. Even if you select "All detected devices" and then choose the more complete search.

The result is always the message:

"No installer ISO images were found. If you downloaded the ISO image, it may have a bad filename (not ending in" .iso "), or it may be on a file system that could not be mounted.
You'll have to do a network install instead, or reboot and fix the ISO image. "

If you choose "Enter device manually" and specify the "/dev/sr0", the installation proceeds normally. But this requires a certain knowledge, which most do not. Also setting with Grub4Dos continues normally, if instead Multiboot DVD use USB-stick.

Run the install Debian-netinst in Grub4Dos as follows:

title Debian
map /debian-netinstall.iso (0xff)
map --hook
chainloader (0xff)

or like this:

title Debian
map --mem /debian-netinstall.iso (0xff)
map --hook
chainloader (0xff)

It would be very nice if it was possible to boot Debian from a multi-discs Grub4Dos.

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