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Re: 2 intresting things

On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 12:58:45PM +0100, gipfelsturm111@gmx.net wrote:
> Some computers or laptops need firmware from the non-free aerea. if the 
> installer need a frimware, can it automaticly download from the Internet? 
> not only from usb stick or Floppy?

Well if the firmware is for the wifi (as it usually is on a laptop)
and you are using wireless to do the install) then that might not work
very well.  I think the common solution has been to use the unofficial
non-free installer which includes all the firmware files in that case.

> And, is it o.k. when the user can set the Multiarch architecture on the 
> installer, so he don need it later.

No idea if there is an option for that in the installer.

Len Sorensen

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