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Error finding preseed file when booting the Debian installer via iPXE through HTTP


I know the typical setting to run a PXE server is the combination of DHCP+TFTP+HTTP/FTP/NFS... servers, but my setting only must consist in a DHCP+HTTP server (both in one machine with ip So my dhcpd.conf has these lines:

subnet netmask {
             option subnet-mask;
             filename "";

I use iPXE (http://www.ipxe.org) -which can get pxelinux.0 from a HTTP server- to boot my clients. They see a pxelinux menu with an option to run the installer. Its "APPEND" line is like this:

APPEND url=""> ...

Everythings seems going well during installation until I get a error message like "The installer failed to process preconfiguration file from"

I've read in B.2.5 chapter from https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/apbs02.html.en that if dhcpd.conf there is a HTTP url, the installer assumes it is the url of a preseed file. I though that appending the "url" preseed parameter this behaviour would be overriden, but it is not!!!! What can I do to tell the installer to forget using the url from dhcpd.conf as a preseed file's url??????

I'm really desperated.


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