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Bug#758096: Blends in D-I tasksel selection? (Was: Filed Bug#758096: tasksel: Allow to select specific packages during installation - just "DE", "Web server", "Mail server" is NOT enough)


On 11.11.2014 11:59, Andreas Tille wrote:
> As far as I can see without testing this means regarding the display of
> Blends in D-I (#758096) that we only need to *decide* and in case we
> want to do this add the needed bits of data.
> Any opinions regarding a decision?

Tasksel supports a new "Parent" field now, that makes the display of
different tasks look more organized. I guess it would be a good idea if
blends-dev added support for it too, so that the "Parent" field plus
parent task was automatically inserted into the *.desc file for tasksel.

As far as debian-games is concerned, I could imagine the following:

* Tasksel could depend on »games-tasks« and all tasks of the Debian
  Games Blend were available in tasksel. If I added a "Parent"
  field to all tasks, the menu would look like this one:

[]... adventure games
[]... arcade games
[]... board games

and so on. For making it look similar to the desktop environment task,
we would need an extra parent task, let's call it »task-games«.

[] Debian Games
[]... adventure games
[]... arcade games
[]... board games

Then I need to know whether this parent task should be added to
tasksel's control file or to the »games-tasks« package.

Although the current display is nested it is only one level deep but it
really should be collapsible, otherwise we would have 100 different
tasks for Blends alone in the top-level hierarchy which is rather
confusing for users. I currently don't know how to implement it in
debconf and whether this feature could make it into tasksel at all. This
is probably the real blocker.

* Another alternative might be to add only a reduced set of games
  related tasks to tasksel, »games-finest« and »games-finest-light« for
  low-end computers. I think both tasks are most useful if you want to
  transform your computer into some kind of gaming machine or just to
  get an overview about some good quality games.

I could either provide a patch for tasksel's control file or I could
reduce the *.desc file in »games-tasks« to the aforementioned tasks and
tasksel would depend on them.



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