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Bug#769190: Bug#757941: Bug#769190: busybox-static: DNS resolver is broken again with the last upload

12.11.2014 21:05, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
>> And there's nothing I can do about this on busybox side -- except,
>> again, adding a versioned build-dep.
> I'll schedule binNMUs for now, but it might be a good idea to add a
> versioned build-dep so that it doesn't happen again.

Please don't.  I want to fix it for real today, one way or another.

And this brings an interesting question:  how to add this build-dep?

I tried adding build-depends: libc-bin (>>2.19-12~) | libc-bin (<<2.19)

but this one just pulls the libc-bin package not libc6 and libc6-dev.

Ofcourse I thouht about using libc6[-dev] in this context, but immediately
come across the fact that on different arches, libc is named differently
(libc6.1, libc0.3 etc).

Should I list them all in the build-deps?  If yes, what's the complete list?

(I tried to keep it buildable on older glibc too; but it's ofcourse possible
to add a build-conflicts: libc6 (<<2.19-12), libc6.1 (<<2.19-12) etc --
this is easier than listing two versions for each)

Another thought is to add a build-time test that the thing actually work
(eg, busybox-static ping localhost or something, or a small separate
program to be run before real build) -- with this in mind, it might not
be even required to add a build-dep, -- build will just fail with a
friendly message telling to fix glibc...



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