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Bug#768897: Test disk images uploaded

disk1_pristine, disk2_pristine, and the key file for the test LUKS volume on p3 of
disk2 are now available at:

  http://dasyatidae.net/tmp/d-i-test-20141109.tar.xz (49 MiB)
  SHA-256: f35d2a8573998f6a82949cf8bb302b1e34c7fdc3f184545f8d682a6e19bb1059

Use tar -S or equivalent to unpack!  The disk images are raw, 4 GiB sparse files.
And please make a local copy of this file if you wish to keep it.

The LUKS volume should contain an LVM PV in a single-PV VG, with one LV with an ext4
filesystem with one test file in it, though most of that is not directly relevant to
the report.

   ---> Drake Wilson

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