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vt2-6 still not available with base system


I've just checked this morning with the latest netboot, when installing
just the base system with no task, dbus does not get installed, and thus
vt2-6 do not have a login banner because systemd-logind needs dbus for

In 758111, systemd was made to recommend dbus so that it works on system
upgrade, and in 759293 dbus was made priority standard in the archive.

But this is not enough for making d-i install dbus on just a base
system.  Just to make sure we agree on this: do we want to install dbus
in a base system without the standard task?  It's not very big: 1MiB
installed files.  It is also getting more and more used by basic things
in the system.  And not getting vt2-6 working on a base system is a bit



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