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Bug#767999: debootstrap/base-passwd: #767999 and #766459 should really be fixed in base-passwd

On Thu, Nov 06, 2014 at 10:44:40PM +0100, Adam Borowski wrote:
> >   B) If base-passwd violates policy, then base-passwd is buggy.
> I say it is, but since the only consumer that matters is base-files, it
> might be safer to change the latter.

The "only consumer that matters"? What do you mean?

Several essential packages use "chown root:root".

The reason wheezy's version of debootstrap fails on base-files is that
it tries to install base-passwd and base-files in the same dpkg run.

If debootstrap installed any other package using "chown root:root" in
the same dpkg run as base-passwd, the other package could easily fail
in exactly the same way.

Adam, you want to put us in a situation in which we change packages to
accomodate the order in which debootstrap decides to install them,
when in fact it should be *exactly* the opposite!

The job of debootstrap is to install packages in the *right* order, an
order which is known to work.

And I must say it again: Your idea that we should adapt all the
packages is testing and unstable so that they work with a buggy
version of debootstrap is not only absurd, it's also *harmful*.

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