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cloning 762007, reassign -1 to src:win32-loader ...

clone 762007 -1
reopen -1
reassign -1 src:win32-loader 
retitle -1 win32-loader: Please use "---" not "--" on installers kernel command line

Reassigned a clone as discussed on IRC:
(16:31:31) KiBi: ijc: it looks like win32-loader might need an update as well for the -- thingy
(16:32:17) KiBi: e.g. s_install.nsi:233 
(16:32:22) Sledge: probably, yeah
(16:32:26) Sledge: OdyX: ^^^
(16:36:21) OdyX: ah yeah, right. Can someone file a bug ? I have an extra-full week-end.

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