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Bug#768218: netcfg segfaults when passed four or more nameservers

Control: found -1 1.122
Control: tag -1 confirmed

Kjell Braden <afflux@pentabarf.de> (2014-11-06):
> Package: netcfg
> Version: 1.108+deb7u2
> Tags: patch
> When passed more than three nameservers, netcfg can segfaults in
> nm_write_static_ipvX due to a missing array bounds check. The attached patch
> (against current git master) should fix the issue.

Yeah, that looks like a good idea, thanks. Did you actually test it?

I'm tempted to upload a patched package to sid and let people toy with
daily builds before considering backporting the patch to stable (which
is the usual way of dealing with such things anyway).

BTW: It looks like ntpservers have a max value as well but array
boundary checks seem present (dhcp.c's netcfg_dhcp).


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