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On Wed, 5 Nov 2014, Adam Borowski wrote:

> How do you propose changing debootstrap on already burned CDs?

I don't. Instead, those having a buggy version of debootstrap in a
burned CD should better try to find a non buggy version on Internet.

Proposing that we should make the entire Debian archive (stable,
testing and unstable) to be forward compatible with buggy versions
of debootstrap on burned CDs that we can't change is a stupid idea.

> How do you propose updating squeeze, current and past versions of
> Ubuntu, Knoppix, GRML, etc (live CDs often get used to install
> Debian).

Again. I don't. Software usually has bugs. When you find a buggy
software that does not work, you look for a fixed version, not try to
change the rest of the Universe to accomodate for that buggy software
that you have.

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