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Bug#758116: re: popcon


On Sun, 7 Sep 2014 Joey Hess wrote:
> There is going to be a limited amount of space in tasksel for blends,
> given current debconf UI constraints.

Yes, we know this.  Does this statement of yours mean

  A) I'm not going to fix this
  B) I'm not going to fix this in Jessie
  C) Please make more constructive suggestions for a user
     interface design

> I think that using popcon as a rough pass to select the blends makes
> rather a lot of sense. The "Debian Pure Blends" effort has been around
> for several releases and been publicised. The individual blends have had
> time to find users, or not. If there is some new and upcoming blend that
> makes sense to promote for a while, it might make sense to disregard the
> popcon numbers for a while.

I would like to repeat that if I ever talked about any Blend every talk
got a flavour of the following question:  How can I *easily* install
Blend X?  Unfortunately I always needed to answer that there is no
*easy* way, but you can do "stuff".  I wonder whether you see a chance
to change this for Jessie?  What you expect from the Blends team to
work on this in case your answer would be yes?

Kind regards and thanks for working on tasksel



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