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Bug#766423: Installation-Report kFreeBSD daily build: no progress

Herbert Kaminski wrote:
> This time, DHCP (IPv4) failed during installation, I had to configure the 
> net manually. After reboot, I could switch back to DHCP.

OK thanks.

Please could you try again, only as far as the "Configure network" step,
using the same install media;  just to see if the DHCP issue happens
always or only sometimes?

> From the XFCE desktop, there is no way to shut down the system, all those
> options are greyed.

Strange, I have those options (in XFCE on kfreebsd-amd64 jessie).

> Had to switch to VT1 and log in as root, "su" in the
> XTerm was unsuccessful.

In what way;  what exactly does it do?  What about sudo instead?

> All the other problems from the reports #762401

I'll follow up on those to that bug log instead.

> #762590 are still there, 

That's a linux-amd64 issue though I think.

Steven Chamberlain

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